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Maria Jose Galleno - Giving a hand. Apps for Dyslexia

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In this talk, Maria Jose Galleno looks at different apps that help learners who have dyslexia.

About the webinar

Inclusive practices in the classroom have been an issue of concern for many teachers. Legislation and school policies have encouraged the move towards a more inclusive environment. Teachers are also encouraged to apply practices that create 21st century learners with student independence being an important attribute to acquire. Therefore, it is vital for students to become aware and be given the opportunity to use tools in order to become independent learners, which will also improve their confidence, which can frequently be the main difference between success and failure. Through the use of technology we can better equip students with certain tools and abilities in which promote this much needed independence.

The role of technology in the classroom does not have to mean that it takes over, as many teachers fear; instead, it could be used to enhance learning opportunities. It will allow them to become independent learners, freeing them from their dependence on simplified material and special aid from the teacher. Therefore, the use of such tools will enable teachers to deliver more valuable lessons, in which they can engage the students, while the students who did not have the possibility to grasp the content may have an opportunity to do so, thus creating a fully inclusive classroom by using technology to enhance learning.

About the speaker

Maria Jose has been working as an English teacher for the past 13 years. In this time, she has worked in different contexts and with all ages. She has always been interested in the inclusion of technology to enhance education and enable students to become autonomous learners. She is a Cambridge ESOL examiner for YLE, KET and PET and a moderator for British Council Global Courses (online). She is currently finishing her Master’s in Digital Communication and Technology and Education with the University of Manchester.