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Making your conference better 2

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This is the second in our series of tips to help conference organisers.

  • Make your conference memorable. Offer members small handmade souvenirs showing appreciation for their participation. SALT in northeast Brazil gave each member a tiny shell with ‘SALT Launch: I was there!’, handwritten on it. Similarly, committee members of an association in Poland painted beautiful local landscape images on little pebbles and offered them to conference participants.
  • As a way of maximising conference feedback, put the feedback forms in participants’ folders, and exchange complete feedback for certificates at the end of the conference.
  • When timetabling the conference programme, it is a good idea to include all first time presenters first. If you give them the best times, they will have more chances to get a good audience and feel encouraged to present again. 
  • Make your conference memorable. Find out who is having a birthday during the conference and make a small mention before or after a plenary session. Sing happy birthday. Celebrate!


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