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Making your conference better 1

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If you're organising a conference soon, have a look at these tips.

  • If parking during the conference is a problem, make arrangements with neighbouring businesses. They can get a free advert to go in the participants’ folders, and participants can get a discount to use their parking lot… or sometimes even free parking!
  • Vary your conference coffee break options. In the northeast of Brazil where it is hot all year round they have added ice cream, cold fruit juice, and fresh fruit on the menu…. and lots of water!
  • You can offer participants meal vouchers or discounts in restaurants and bars around the conference venue - they could have their company logos in the conference advertising materials in return.
  • You can use free online poll services to increase member participation within your networks. What theme for the next conference or training programme? When is the best date? What would be a good name for our newsletter? A couple of poll sites:

 Have you got a tip to share? Why not add a comment to this page and let us know what it is!