'Lucky' is a kit based on the short story by Jane Rogers, and is the first in a series of BritLit projects in collaboration with Comma Press. Unlike previous kits, 'Lucky' uses the spoken rather than the written word as its primary source, and the story is read by the author on an mp3 audio file.

The story concerns a young woman who finds herself working as a temp in an office where she soon develops a crush on the boss. She fantasises about their relationship, and sees signs all around her that seem to tell her that fate is on 'their' side.

In an unusual departure, some of the worksheet material is also based on audio rather than written input, and includes an interview with the author, some exercises on phrasal verbs read in the context of the story, and an audio glossary.

Some of the material for this kit is quite advanced. However, as always with BritLit materials, the tasks are graded, not the texts.


  • Introduction - This should give the teacher an idea of what the kit contains and how to exploit it
  • Preparation - These activities will help the student to focus on specific language
  • Context - These activities will help students to understand the background to the story
  • Word work - These activities should help the students to extract details from the materials
  • Read on - This section offers them a chance to review what they have already read and heard, and to look further
  • Teacher's Key - This section has answers and further guidance for teachers


You can listen to the audio here.

Lucky - reading 5.5 Mb

Claustrophobia 529 kb

Interview part 1 447 kb

Interview part 2 169 kb

Interview part 3 169 kb

Interview part 4 524 kb

Interview part 5 735 kb

Interview part 6 40 kb

Interview part 7 266 kb

Interview part 8 516 kb

Interview part 9 427 kb

Interview part 10 967 kb

Interview part 11 224 kb

Interview part 12 81 kb

Interview part 13 70 kb

Interview part 14 53 kb

Vocabulary 946 kb

Phrasal verbs 794 kb

To download audio, right click on audio file in the Attachment below and save to your computer.

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About Comma Press
The audio for this kit was supplied by Comma Press. Comma Press is a not-for-profit publishing collective dedicated to promoting new fiction and poetry, with an emphasis on the short story. It is committed to a spirit of risk-taking and challenging publishing, free of the commercial pressures on mainstream houses.To find out more visit: http://www.commapress.co.uk/

Comma Press is supported by Arts Council England

About BritLit
The BritLit project, which started in 2003, is a joint venture between the British Council in Portugal and APPI (Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês), the Portuguese teachers' association and aims to promote the use of contemporary British literature, mainly through the use of short stories, as a language learning tool in the English language classroom.

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