Below is a list of all the talks that were live-streamed and recorded at the Teacher Educator Conference in Hyderabad from 27th February - 1st March 2015.

Click here to watch the live stream in the Main hall

Click here to watch the live stream in Hall G01/02

Day 1: Friday 27 February 2015 (all times are local - GMT + 4.5 hours)

10.00-11.15: Rod Bolitho - The ingredients of quality in teacher education (Main hall)

11.45-12.15: Amol Padwad - Rethinking teacher motivation for professional development (Main hall)

11.45-12.45: Stephen Carey - Learning to test or testing to learn? Washback and the learner (Hall G01/02)

12.30-13.00: Jayagowri Shivakumar - Streaming of students: how o promote social justice and inclusivity (Main hall)

14.00-15.00: Geetha Durairajan - Evaluation in teacher education programmes: a critical appraisal (Main hall)

14.00-15.00: Elka Todeva - Paradigms of enrichment in language and teacher education (Hall G01/02)

15.45-16.40: Panel discussion - Moving from quantity to quality - implications for teacher education (Main hall)

16.40-16.50: Continuing Professional Development Framework: going global (Main hall)

17.00-18.00: Huma Riaz and Rosie Tanner - Blissfully developing teacher education materials (Main hall)

17.00-18.00: Elaine Higgleton - Collins English language quiz (Hall G01/02)

18.15-19.15: Debate - Moving away from traditional methodologies in language education - the baby has been thrown with the bath water (Main hall)


Day 2: Saturday 28 February (all times are local - GMT + 4.5 hours)

09.00-10.00: Rukmini Banerji - Learning to read in India: challenges and opportunities for enhancing quality in teacher education (Main hall)

10.15-11.15: John Shackleton and Tim Phillips - Frameworks. They might look dull but actually they're really useful for all sorts of things (Main hall)

10.15-11.15: Gwendydd Caudwell - Assessing young learners: challenges and possible solutions (Hall G01/02)

12.00-13.00: Renu Singh - Are we supporting teachers to address student diversity in the classroom? Dilemmas and solutions (Main hall)

12.00-13.00: Katherine Bilsborough - How to help teachers find, create, recycle and adapt good-quality teaching materials (Hall G01/02)

14.00-15.00: Jamie Keddie - Videocameras in English language teaching (Main hall)

14.00-15.00: Paul Gunashekar, Lina Mukhopadhyay, Richard Smith - The survey of ELT research in India: how can it help you? (Hall G01/02)

15.30-16.30: Panel discussion - Evaluating the quality of teacher education programmes - what works? (Main hall)

16.45-17.45: Elaine Higgleton - Dictionaries and corpus workshop (Hall G01/02)


Day 3: Sunday 01 March (all times are local - GMT + 4.5 hours)

09.00-10.00: Alison Barrett - A fine balance: English language teacher education in 21st century India (Main hall)

10.15-11.15: Krishna K Dixit - Towards understanding teacher motivation for professional development (Main hall)

10.15-11.15: Elaine Higgleton - Why is English so difficult? Empowering teachers through a better understanding of the history of English language (Hall G01/02)

12.00-13.00: Sara Pierson and Duncan Wilson - Reviewing and improving large-scale teacher education and development programmes (Main hall)

12.00-13.00: Balasubrahmanian S - Enabling customized teacher education to maximise its effectiveness (Hall G01/02)

14.00-14.30: Ravinarayan Chakrakodi - Curriculum change and innovation: insiders' perspectives (Main hall)

14.00-14.30: Mike Scholey - Integrating English with content learning in wet weather conditions in India (Hall G01/02)

14.45-15.45: Paul Gunashekar - Teacher education and quality assurance (Main hall)

15.45-16.15: Valedictory (Main hall)

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