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Life Resourceful

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Life coaching, well-being, training and resources are all part of Rachael Roberts' new website Life-resourceful.

Rachael Roberts is an experienced ELT teacher, trainer and coursebook writer. After many years in the profession, she was exhausted and found herself burnt out and demoralised. Teaching can be a very tough profession. Having long had an interest in psychology and well-being, Rachael started seriously exploring ways to look after herself better. She learnt about mindfulness, and how to live in a more balanced and enjoyable way, which she wants to share with other teachers, and indeed anyone who knows they could be living a better life.

Rachael says that 'we tell ourselves that once we have got a promotion, or finished this busy period in our lives, or met and married ‘the one’, things will be different, and better. We struggle and strive for these things, not realising that being happy in life isn’t about reaching some magical point in the future, but about recognising and gradually letting go of the blocks to happiness that we ourselves are putting in our way.

As we become more aware of the things we typically do, say or believe, we can make conscious choices about what aspects we want to keep, and which don’t really ‘fit’ us or make us feel good. Becoming more mindful doesn’t just make us feel calmer, it can also change our lives and the lives of those around us. '

You can find out more about mindfulness and related topics on her website