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The life of Dylan Thomas

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This is one of the four lessons designed to explore the videos produced by the British Council for the birth centenary of Dylan Thomas. In this video, the speakers draw a timeline of Thomas’ life between 1933 and 1949. In this lesson learners will also practise writing about the past and connecting events using adverbials of time.

Level: Intermediate/B1 onwards

Time: Approx. 80 min 

Main aim(s):

  • To improve students’ listening skills
  • To engage students with Thomas’ work and encourage extensive reading

Subsidiary aim(s):

  •  To introduce/review adverbials of time
  •  To give students opportunities to practise the use of adverbials of time and past tenses


  • Student worksheet
  • Dictionaries
  • The video The life of Dylan Thomas London (available to watch below)