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Life after Covid-19

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Use this lesson plan in face-to-face classrooms to help your students consider the impact of Covid-19 on the environment.


During this lesson, students will consider the impact that the pandemic had on the environment and ask themselves if they want to go back to ‘normal’, to life as it was before the pandemic.

They begin by watching a clever animated cartoon showing how the planet healed while humans were in lockdown. Next, they will study some useful compound nouns and apply these to examples of life before and during the pandemic. The focus from here on is about the future, including a discussion and a video from Friends of the Earth. Finally, students will send some ideas to the United Nations in the form of a simple manifesto, with photos and hopes for the future.  


Students will:

  • learn vocabulary (compound nouns) associated with the environment
  • improve listening, speaking and writing skills
  • develop more awareness of the environment, in the past and future 

Age and level

Secondary students at CEFR level B1.2 and above


45–55 minutes


The lesson plan and student worksheet can be downloaded below in PDF format

In addition, you will need the following video links:

Excellent sources for optional reading:

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Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1

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