Lexical Approach Classroom Activities

These activities are only available as a download because they are fairly long and provide full reading texts. They are related to the article - Lexical Approach 1 - What does the lexical approach look like?

Lexical Approach Classroom Activities - activities
Carlos Islam

We recommend you look at these classroom activities after you have read this article and before you read the other article - Lexical Approach 2.

These classroom activities are based on reading texts and provide classroom materials that are informed by the lexical approach. There are also questions for you, the teacher, to answer that will help you reflect further on your understanding of the lexical approach.

Lexical Approach Activity 1

This download contains two reading texts with classroom materials. Both reading texts relate to the topic of School Days.

The materials are suitable for classes of intermediate level and above.

There is also a description of the aims or goals of the teaching materials and there are questions for you to reflect upon as a teacher.

Download Activity 1 below

Lexical Approach Activity 2

This download contains a single text which describes a memorable occasion.

There are 14 ideas for how to exploit this, or any similar, text and how to draw students' attention to the lexical items in the text. These activity types are provided with comments to explain their purpose.

The materials are suitable for classes of intermediate level and above.

Download Activity 2 below

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