Get your students making their own snowflake in this lesson for young learners.

Karen Elliot


In this lesson students watch a story about snow before learning how to fold and cut paper in patterns to make snowflakes. These can be used to decorate the classroom or to make a card to celebrate the holiday season. Extend the lesson by making a snowman with your students. Use the winter colouring page as a festive way to keep early finishers of other activities busy.


  • To present snow vocabulary through a Christmas-themed story
  • To present snow/winter vocabulary (winter, cold, clouds, water, freeze, snowflake, crystal)
  • To understand English instructions for learning how to make a snowflake 
  • To make a Christmas or Yule card or to decorate the classroom using the snowflakes
  • To encourage students to appreciate one of the many ways water changes to make our planet habitable


Young learners aged between 8 and 11 years old


CEF level A1-A2 and above


50 - 60 minutes


  • Story from Learn English Kids: The Snowman
  • ‘The Snowman Story Quiz’ worksheet (one copy per team). Or print the story activity.
  • ‘Make a snowflake’ instructions and patterns (1 copy per student or table)
  • ‘Make a snowflake’ step by step photo instructions (to use to make an example for the class, or to project on the board)
  • White paper, pencils and scissors for each pupil (optional: contrasting coloured card to make Christmas / Yule cards; string or yarn to hang the snowflakes from the ceiling and walls of your classroom)


Language level
Language Level: 
Primary level 2

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