This lesson explores what it is like to be left-handed - the advantages, the disadvantages and the prejudices.

Rachael Roberts

Designed to fit in with Left-Handers’ Day on August 13th, but usable at any time of the year, this lesson explores what it is like to be left handed - the advantages, the disadvantages and the prejudices they may face.

The lesson begins with an optional video about difficulties left-handers face, and then leads into a reading text in the style of an online article. The article is for students at C1 level, both in terms of language and length. Students carry out two exam-style tasks - matching summaries to paragraphs and identifying if statements about the text are true of false.

After some discussion of the content of the text, students focus on some grammar showcased in the article - relative clauses, reduced relative clauses and present participle clauses. This should review what students already know and add a little more to their understanding of the area.

If time, students can then go on to write about another group who often experience prejudice, using relative clauses where appropriate.


  • Raise awareness of the issues related to being left-handed, and consider prejudice in general
  • Develop the skills of reading for gist (multiple matching) and specific info (true/false)
  • Encourage students to justify/back up their answers to true/false questions.
  • Review defining and non-defining relative clauses and look at reduced relative clauses and clauses using present participles instead of a relative clause.
  • Develop listening skills though an optional video lead-in
  • Develop writing skills and practice using relative clauses accurately and appropriately thought an optional writing activity.

Age group:

Adults and older teenagers


CEF Level C1 and above


45 - 60 minutes


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below

Language Level


Hello There is an optional video that you can use as part of this lesson. The link to the video is in the lesson plan (it is on Youtube). You can download the lesson plan, clicking on the PDF link above. Hope that helps - enjoy the lesson! Cath TE Team

Hello All the worksheets / texts for the lessons can be found in the PDF files above (where it says 'Downloads'. You can then save and print them. There are teacher notes, and 2 worksheets for the students to use. Hope you enjoy the lesson! Cath TE Team

Submitted by agnetha faltskog on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 11:34


The topic by itself is good I think. But the video is really poor. Badly acted by the actors. Cheesy when you look at them and not at all inviting to watch. I can't use this for my (professional) clients who are a bit more mature. However I used to LP to my own purpose and used a you tube video from '60 minutes' about Bill Gates. 3' and very inspiring. Just an idea I wanted to share with you all today

Thanks for your feedback - Sorry you didn't like the video choice (it's an optional part of this lesson), but thanks very much for the alternative recommendation! Best wishes Cath TE Team

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