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Learning at home

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This lesson for online classes with primary children looks at a number of different contexts of remote learning.

This lesson focuses on the experiences of learning at home for primary-aged children. They will read texts about several different children and answer some questions they have written themselves. They will identify what the children like and find difficult about learning at home, and consider solutions that could help the children, as well as compare their experiences to their own. Finally, they will work together in groups to review and collate their ideas and produce an online poster.


  • To provide learners with examples of experiences of learning at home with which they might identify
  • To practise reading comprehension skills
  • To develop problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • To give learners an opportunity to evaluate experiences and collate ideas
  • To promote group work and collaboration skills

Age group



CEFR level A2 and above


60–80 minutes


The lesson plan and classroom materials can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition:

  • The teacher will need the link(s) to the online tool to be used in stage 5.
  • The learners will need the text sent to them by the teacher, a pen or pencil and paper or a notebook.

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