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Below you can find a range of practical and engaging posts written by our TeachingEnglish bloggers from November and December 2020. Topics covered include tips for adapting to online teaching, supporting and engaging with professional development and training remotely, useful advice on how teachers can look after themselves during stressful times, and assessing learners remotely. Take a look at the posts below and add your comments to keep the conversation going. See a list of the blog topics for January-March 2021

Working online: Adapting to life | RJCFraser

2020 has changed our lives. Clients and students are in home office. I am in home office. I sit before the computer screen, my flat in the background, and my cats stroll around and jump on my lap. Of course, to a certain extent all this can now be integrated into the online English lesson... read more

Professional Development Now | Richard Fielden-Watkinson

Professional development enables us to hone our skills and develop our knowledge. It encourages us to think critically about our practice and to learn about other ways to teach, as well as giving us a moment of pause to assess what we do, why and how... read more

Teacher wellbeing | Carol Norbury

We hear lots of talk of student wellbeing and quite rightly so, but what about teacher wellbeing? If the teacher isn't in a good place how can we expect the students to be in a good place and for learning to take place? Below are some thoughts and 8 tips for teachers concerned about their own wellbeing... read more

The brave new world of teachers in 2020 | S.Akilandeswari

Every teacher takes on multiple roles: specialist, advisor, friend, facilitator and above all a teacher is in loco parentis. This continues in the virtual world too. But the biggest question is – who will guide us in these difficult times? I think the teaching community – all of us teachers will have to help and guide each other... read more

Technology in the ELT class | ozguozturk

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 situation, not only have people's life styles begun to change but also nearly everything has altered. We have started to be aware of our well-being, to shop online, to spend time with our families more than ever and to learn online... read more

Teacher wellbeing and support | Nina Koptyug

When I check the news, automatically paying attention to every headline connected with education, I notice the same feature regardless of the country and subject taught. It is "teachers should/must…" read more

Adapt and thrive | Emmanuel Kontovas

One of the most interesting heroes in Marvel's Universe is Doctor Strange, a hero who can manipulate time and use it to his own benefit seeing the present, past and future at the same time, an ability that most, if not all teachers, would like to possess during the Covid- 19 times... read more

Teacher training and support | Nina Koptyug

This year is indeed unprecedented; probably for the first time in history the whole world is facing the same challenges. For all teachers, it brought about a sudden swing from face-to-face in-class process to online teaching... read more

A test about testing: Let's see how you score! | Ingrid Mosquera

We tend to correct mistakes, we tend to tell our students what they can improve, but we don´t normally tell them what they've done well. Let's reflect on our assessment and on the feedback we give to our students... read more


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