This is a speaking exercise for pre-intermediate level learners and above. It revises time references and past simple.

Paul Kaye

Example: ' When was the last time you were really happy?' - 'Two weeks ago - it was my birthday'.

Target language here is flexible and depends on the level of your learners and your aims. They can answer using a simple time reference + simple past, as above, or can develop their answer.

Example: 'The last time was actually last week, when I was … and…'.


Prepare enough photocopies of the worksheet for each learner to have one. You can download the worksheets below.



  • Ask the learners when was the last time they missed a class. Elicit possible structures for answers and highlight your own target language.
  • Hand out the questions and put the learners into pairs. Ask them to read the questions and add 2 or 3 more of their own using the same structure.
  • Model the activity with one learner if necessary. Then ask them to ask and answer the questions in pairs.
  • Monitor the class, help with any tricky vocabulary and listen for errors.
  • Elicit any interesting answers with the whole class once finished.
  • Ask learners to write a short description of their partner, possibly as homework. They can also explain about their partner to others in the class.
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