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Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park

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This unit is designed to introduce students to the characters and plot of Mansfield Park
It provides basic information on the characters in the book and also explores the idea of how particular houses played an important part in Austen’s work and in her personal life.

Level: Low-intermediate / A2 onwards

Time: Approx. 60 min

Main aim(s):

  • To introduce students to the basic plot of Mansfield Park
  • To engage students with the text and encourage extensive reading

Subsidiary aim(s):

  • To help student to expand their vocabulary
  • To provide opportunities to develop the four skills, especially listening
  • To introduce/review defining relative clauses and pronouns


  • Student Worksheet
  • Access to the video The Life of Jane Austen at
  • Dictionaries
  • Optional: Pictures of different houses in England
  • Optional: Some pictures of Jane Austen’s House Museum and locations used for film versions of Mansfield Park (from the internet or other sources)