This short lesson plan is intended to provide a supplementary activity for primary learners who have been working on the topic of countries.

Rachael Ro


There is an assumption that learners will have already studied some related language (city, mountains, river, weather, tradition, food, etc.) and are familiar with the present simple and simple conjunctions such as so and because.

In this activity, learners think about some of the features of their own country, then work together in groups to brainstorm ideas for a new country. Then they work in new groups to plan and produce a poster for their new country and use it to present their country to the class.


  • To recycle or extend previous language work on the topic of countries
  • To provide opportunities to use the language in speaking and writing
  • To raise learners’ awareness of some of the features of countries and encourage creativity
  • To develop planning and teamworking skills


Primary learners aged 9-12 with CEFR level A1 and above


60 minutes approximately


The lesson plan and student worksheet can be downloaded in PDF format. In addition you will need:

  • Materials for poster: paper, coloured pencils, glue, scissors, etc. (set per group of learners) and A3 paper (one sheet per group)
Language level
Language Level: 
Primary level 1

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