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Interview the experts

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A simple and effective speaking activity practising questions and answers.

Ken Wilson

Three students sit in a line at the front of the class. They are the experts, but they don't know what they are experts about. The rest of the class choose the area of expertise, e.g. cooking, car maintenance, trees, etc. 

The other students then ask the experts questions and the experts answer them. Each expert uses only one word at a time.


They are experts about fashion.

Question: What colour will be fashionable next year?

Expert 1: I
Expert 2: think
Expert 3: that
Expert 1: blue
Expert 2: will
Expert 3: not (Expert 3 trying to hijack the answer - this is good!)
Expert 1: be
Expert: 2: unfashionable. (Expert 2 trying to hijack the answer back.)

Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1