The United Nations have declared 12th April as being the International Day of Human Space Flight.

Katherine Bilsborough

In this lesson, learners find out some key facts and figures related to space exploration. The information is presented in a fun way through a pair work jigsaw reading activity in which pupils practise both question forms and saying numbers. Afterwards they work in groups, using the information they have learnt to make classroom posters celebrating human achievements in space.

Topic: Space exploration


  • To practice question forms and saying numbers.
  • To celebrate International Day of Human Space Flight.
  • To teach pupils about some of the key moments in international space exploration.
  • To encourage pupils to use English creatively.

Age: Primary pupils aged between 10 and 11 

Level: CEF level A2 and above

Time: 50 - 60 minutes

Materials: The lesson plan and student worksheets are available to download in PDF format below.



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