Innovation in English language teacher education

This collection of papers reflects on diverse backgrounds, contexts and perspectives assembled at the conference.

Edited by George Pickering and Professor Paul Gunashekar

This volume is a compilation of some select presentations made at the fourth International Teacher Educator Conference on the theme 'Innovation in English Language Teacher Education' held at Hyderabad, India on 21–23 February 2014.

The collection of papers in this publication reflects the diverse backgrounds, contexts and perspectives assembled at the conference. One of the most notable features of many of the papers is that they are based on bottom-up, grass roots research conducted by practitioners in their own classroom contexts. As Waters (2014) has pointed out, this kind of research is often not captured in the formal innovations literature. In many cases practitioners, whose research is reported in this publication, experimented with a new methodology or technology using an action research methodology and recorded the results of their interventions for the benefit of themselves, their students and other stakeholders.

The contributions to this publication have been classified into four parts:

  1. The Overview section presents the plenary talks which address themes that cover more than one sub-theme of the conference including teacher research, CPD practice and research in India and elsewhere and innovations in pre-service INSETT.
  2. Theme one discusses various aspects of innovations in CPD for teacher educators and teachers.
  3. Theme two explores learning from experience including reflection as a tool for growth, classroom-based research, alternative practices in assessment and evaluation and feedback as a teaching and learning tool.
  4. Theme three covers various aspects of technological resources for language education.

The British Council and the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad welcome your responses to this publication and to the ongoing development of research, planning, implementation and the institutionalisation of innovation in English language teaching and English language teacher education.

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