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The Inca: A lost society

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This lesson plan for teachers of older teenagers and adults at Intermediate level and above explores the theme of Inca society. Students will develop their reading skills collaboratively.


This is a reading lesson based on a text about Inca society. Reading can be a very solitary activity, but this lesson has been designed to maximise the amount of communication and interaction among the students, so that they work collaboratively and develop their own opinions about the content of the text.


Inca society


Intermediate +


60-90 mins


  • To develop students' ability to take information from a text and form their own opinions about it
  • To develop students' ability to deduce the meaning of words in a text


The lesson plan and student worksheets are available to download below in PDF format.

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Lesson plan

The topic of history and heritage could be inherently problematic for some learners, and the tribal element of this plan, and the atrocities involved with downfall of the Inca tribe, may be distressing for those who have experienced such events in their own lives.

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Intermediate: B1