The impact of English on learners' wider lives

What benefits can English language skills bring to a person’s life, both professional and personal? 

This paper addresses this question in relation to data collected from four contrasting contexts.

This research project received funding from the British Council’s English Language Teaching Research Award. Papers by Naeema Hann, Ivor Timmis, Ali Ata Alkhaldi, Beverley Davies, Carlos Rico Troncoso, Yong Yi

This publication is free to download.


Submitted by Ephrem Palathingal on Mon, 02/15/2016 - 14:05


I am yet to read.Yet I can share my experience in Indian cities. Bombay( now Mumbai), Delhi, Madras(now Chennai)...Calcutta...the 4 cities, the British had as major metros those days, as they went leaving as is where is. I have lived in all. The English knowing are held high in awe. I was living in Parel, Bombay 1978 put up as a paying guest with a Goan (Goa was a Portugeese colony) Goans had English as a home language.... English speaking like Anglo Indians ...later generations British in India, post Independence. They were placed in jobs easily like the "computer savvy" in the eighties. Boosted again, India produced ever so many (computer+ English) grads and got them placed all over the world.

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