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How the internet has changed our lives

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This lesson raises children's awareness of how the internet has changed our lives.

Katherine Bilsborough

March 2019 is the 30th birthday of the World Wide Web. Life has changed a lot since the days before the internet but most children can't imagine how different life used to be.

The lesson starts with a brainstorming activity involving the whole class. Learners think about how they use the internet in their daily lives. Then they think about how children's lives would have been different before the internet was invented. They are encouraged to use used to and didn't use to to make comparisons between the past and the present.

Then, in the core of the lesson, learners work in pairs, A and B, to do a 'jigsaw reading' with a text about ten ways in which the internet has changed our lives. First learners read and think about the questions they need to ask in order to get the information to complete their text. Then they take turns to read, ask and answer, completing their texts with the missing information.

The lesson finishes with learners discussing the points in the text and saying whether their experience is similar or different.


  • To share ideas about how the internet has changed our lives
  • To practise asking and answering questions
  • To practise used to and didn't use to
  • To communicate orally in order to complete a text


Older primary (9–11)


CEFR level A2 and above


45 minutes


The lesson plan and worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below. 

Language level
Language Level: 
Primary level 2