This game is a natural follow on from the Homophone dictation and can be used to help the students practise and remember homophones.

Shaun Dowling


  • Ask 3 volunteers to sit in a chair facing the board ( about 2 to 3 meters away is fine). Each should have a piece of chalk or marker.
  • Then tell learners they are going to run up to the board and write two versions of the homophone from the word you read out. The one who is the slowest stays seated and the other two can sit back in their original places.
  • Read out any homophone you feel will be easy for the first 3 participants, for example 'one / won'.
  • The students should run up and write 'one' and 'won'. The slowest sits back down and the quickest go back to their places. Now 2 other people should come up and the game is repeated.

Note: The game is a competition and should be played in a light-hearted spirit. You don't really want one person losing all of the time so I like to cheat and show the student who is always losing the word so they have a chance of winning.

This game also helps to highlight some sounds which may be particularly difficult for students to hear and write, for example my learners have difficulty when I say the homophone 'heel/heal' / hi:l/ and tend to write 'hill' /hil/ or I may say 'there' and they write 'dare'

Apart from the homophones mentioned in the dictation activity. Here is a further list of homophones I have found particularly useful with my intermediate students.

read / red steel / steal tour / tore
rose / rows
weather / whether mist / missed hi / high cereal / serial
scent / cent / sent bread / bred dye / die Board / bored
not / knot site / sight higher / hire mind / mined
sawed / sword would / wood break / brake tire / tyre
heard / herd some / sum air / heir groan / grown
piece / peace none / nun allowed / aloud road / rowed
be / B / bee root / route whale / wail so / sew / sow
he'll / heal / heel flower / flour toes / tows soul / sole
which / witch bear / bare deer / dear bite / byte
here / hear  
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