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Heroes and villains in Pride and Prejudice

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This lesson is designed to give students opportunities to get acquainted with the main characters in Pride and Prejudice in order to facilitate reading and some deeper analysis of the story.

It terms of language, it focuses on word forms, mainly nouns and adjectives, to help students develop their paraphrasing skills.

Level: Low intermediate /A2 onwards

Time: approx. 55 minutes

Main aims:

  • To introduce the characters in Pride and Prejudice
  • To introduce/ review/ recycle language to describe people

Subsidiary aims:

  • To help student to expand their vocabulary
  • To help student to develop different reading strategies
  • To practise word and sentence transformation
  • To provide opportunities to explore aspects of Austen’s characterisation.

Plan components

The teacher notes, lesson plan and worksheet are all available to download at the bottom of the page.

In addition, you will need pictures of various characters in Pride and Prejudice, which can be found online.