This activity practises ‘have you ever...? to talk about life experiences. It is student led in terms of the content and is satisfying as a result.

Derek Spafford


Print out and copy a grid worksheet and bingo card for each student.


  • Elicit and write a list of about 20 irregular verbs (infinitive forms) on the board.
  • Give out bingo cards and ask students to choose any 9 verbs from the board to write the past participle form on their cards. 
  • Play bingo by randomly selecting the verbs and calling out the infinitive forms. 
  • Students identify the verbs on their cards and cross them off until they have a line or full house depending on how you want to play.
  • Elicit some life experiences from the students. Examples could include get married, have a baby, win a prize etc. 
  • Put students into groups, give them a piece of paper and ask them to brainstorm other life experiences. Monitor and provide help if necessary. Set a time limit.
  • When finished write up all the experiences on the board. 
  • Give out the grid handout and ask students to fill in the grid with life experiences of their choice from the ideas on the board. 
  • Students then mix together and ask and answer questions to try to find someone who has had that experience. They should be encouraged to ask follow up questions and to talk to as many people as possible.
  • Feedback by asking students to comment about their information.
Students could write a short paragraph about another student and then read this out without saying the name. The other students must guess who it is. For example: This student has been to Africa. She went there in 1992 with her family. She saw lots of wild animals including a lion and rhino. She would like to go back again. Who is it? 


I always love seeing new and inspirational ideas on how to teach students with alternative methods such as games. Thank you for sharing this idea and I hope that many students will enjoy it.

i like it sometimes our students need change

This activity is really useful for the students ...I have tried it and the  students were very active , inspired to speak about their past experiences. It also helps sometimes to make the students speak and give their opinions or ideas about what they felt in a certain situation...

Wonderful. My students always have got problems with this tense form. I tried several ways made power point lessons with fun activities but they still have problems. You can do it a bit differently. You  just gave an idea. Teacher can  prepare a big poster(or it can be A4 paper) with different photos showing different activities or find such kind of material.  This photos have numbers on them or in the corner. Teacher can give students a  small piece of different  colured paper representing each student, numbers of their turn and   give each group a dice. They will through  the dice and according to the number the students will put their dice on the photo and say the sentence in present perfect. the person who will reach the last number first is the winner.
I have just made it up so it needs  some work or changes.  

Finally I had a chance to try this activity. As i told above that my students have problems with Present Perfect tense form. I tried different things to review this grammar rule.  I was run out of ideas for this grammar point. Your activity was helpful to review this grammar rule in a more different way. I think Bingo activity is a fun way to repeat irregular verbs which is very difficult and challenging for them.  Elicitng life expereinces on the board and mingling around the classroom and asking questions using these ides on the board is great. they use it several times so accustom to use it in  sentence. Thak you for this activity.

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