Happiness is a snip away

This lesson is based on the theme of jobs. Learners will expand their vocabulary, focusing primarily on jobs, and improve their reading and speaking skills.

Paul Kaye


In the lesson, learners start by discussing their own jobs and categorising a variety of others. They then identify and exchange information through a jigsaw reading activity and discuss which given jobs were considered happy or unhappy ones. Finally, they share their own ideas and opinions on the topic.




  • To practise and expand jobs vocabulary
  • To develop reading and speaking skills
  • To identify and exchange information
  • To allow learners to give their own opinions about what makes a good or bad job


CEFR level A2 and above


60–90 minutes


The lesson plan and worksheets are available to download in PDF format below.

This lesson plan was first published in 2005.

Lesson plan156.04 KB
Worksheet A136.75 KB
Worksheet B136.69 KB
Language Level


Submitted by christophery on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 01:25


I can't get access to the lesson plan Pdf. Is that the problem of the pdf or my computer? However I can read the worksheets. Would you kindly sort this out as I find this material useful?

Hi Christopher,

This is a problem that several users are having and we are currently investigating the situation. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. The only thing I can suggest at the moment is that you try downloading the lesson plan from a different computer and see if this helps.

TeachingEnglish team


Hi Galves,

The problem has now been resolved and you can download the pdfs. Please make sure you have Acrobat Reader properly installed.


Submitted by maryms on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 12:47


This is fun! Thanks, I'm looking forward to using it with my class - i'm going to use it to lead into the conditional tense

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