Teaching state school primary children through video-conferencing, the British Council Uruguay are developing a unique approach to teaching English.

In this webinar, Graham Stanley talks about the approach and provides some useful information for anyone wishing to run a similar project. Due to a lack of of qualified and experienced teachers in Uruguay, English is being taught in 2000+ primary classes all across the country via video conferencing, using teachers from elsewhere (including Argentina, the Philippines and Mexico). Because there are two teachers, a classroom teacher (CT) and a remote (RT), a new type of methodology is being developed that combines elements of distance learning, team teaching and blended learning, but which also requires a unique approach.

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About the speaker

Graham Stanley is project manager for the British Council for Ceibal en Ingles, a project to teach state school primary children English in Uruguay. Graham is also author of the award winning handbook for teachers, 'Learning languages with technology' (CUP, 2013) and co-author of 'Digital Play: Computer games and language aims' (Delta, 2011), which won an ELTon for Best Teacher Resources.

You can read Graham's blog posts for TeachingEnglish here

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