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Global survey for English language teachers: how far does published research matter to you?

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Help us with our research by completing this online survey.

In conjunction with the British Council, Northumbria University, UK, has recently launched a survey for all English language teachers, teacher trainers and other English Language Teaching professionals:

Reading research: English language teachers' practices and priorities

  • To what extent do you read research about English language teaching and learning? What kind of publications do you read, how often do you read them, and to what extent does this influence what you do in the classroom?
  • Alternatively, perhaps you don't read research or about research findings? If not, why not, and what, if anything, would make published research more accessible to you?

We are interested in the opinions and activities of all English language teachers, whether you read published research or not, whether you are particularly interested in research findings or not, and wherever in the world you teach English.

This is a great chance to make your voice heard. The survey takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, and all answers are anonymous. Findings will be published in a freely available report on the TeachingEnglish website later in the year.

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