This lesson plan for teachers of teenagers and adults at intermediate level explores the theme of Wales. Learners will develop their knowledge of Wales, as well as practising their vocabulary and listening skills.

Nik Peachey


This lesson is part of a series of plans based on interviews with people from around the UK. It focuses on developing learners’ knowledge of a part of the UK, as well as practising their vocabulary and listening skills. It also aims to help their ability to take notes while listening to quite a challenging audio script.

Other parts of the UK these lesson plans focus on include Scotland, the Midlands, the North East of England and London.

Topic: Life in Wales


CEFR level B1/B2


60 minutes +


  • To develop learners’ knowledge of Wales
  • To develop learners’ ability to listen to and extract information from a difficult authentic listening
  • To develop learners’ intensive listening


The lesson plan, worksheet and audio files are downloadable - right click on the attachments below to save them on your computer.



I'm trying to download audio files from this website, but I don't know how. I can't see the download symbol  anywhere.l Can anyone give me a hand? Dina

Until Scotland has its independence, Snowdon is not the highest mountain in the UK.On the topic of independence, I find my students are much more interested in current issues, such as devolution, than the countries' histories. I would replace no. 10 with 'Wales has had its own government since 1998.' (True - In referendums in 1997, the people of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to have their own assemby or parliament.)

In the tapescript there is a word missing labelled "?". This should be Llanelli, a town nearby Swansea in Wales. Yours, a southern Welshman.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for pointing out that this information was missing, and for giving us the name of the town! It's been updated now.

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