This activity is based on the format of most of the quiz shows currently shown on television. I have tried it with different ages and levels and it has proved to be a fun and challenging way of doing revision.

Maria Jose Boga

Prepare a set of questions on vocabulary areas, grammar points, verb patterns, etc. from recent lessons. The questions could go along the lines of:

  • How do you spell "drought"?
  • Does "assault" mean "rob"?
  • What do you call the person who takes a plane by force?
  • Is this sentence right? "I have a friend who he lives in L.A"?
  • Is "famine" something good?
  • How do you spell "famine"?

The teacher will play the role of the quiz show host, and the participants, that is the students, will sit in a semi-circle and answer one after the other as fast as possible. As the students answer, you will say "correct" or "incorrect" accordingly.

This activity allows for all sorts of variations as regards scoring, timing, frequency and items to be evaluated. You can either hold just one quiz session or have a quiz session every Monday over a couple of months. You can also have a thematic quiz!

The winner is the student with the highest number of correct answers. Once they have relaxed, and as a follow up, you can work on all those questions which caused difficulty.

The prize? Well, this is up to the teacher, or even the school. It can range from a bar of chocolate or a book ... to just a round of applause!

Language level
Language Level: 
Pre-intermediate: A2

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