Football and motivation

This lesson plan is for teachers of teenagers at level A2 explores the theme of football. Students will role play and work on fluency

TeachingEnglish monthly lesson plan - World Cup


Our monthly lesson for June focuses on the Fifa World Cup in Brazil and uses activities from the British Council's Premier Skills English website to look at the theme of motivation. Motivation is an essential part of learning a skill. This lesson combines traditional approaches to motivation with the role of a self-concept in motivation. In professional sports psychology, athletes and coaches recognise the value of a positive self-concept and practise visualising success. In this lesson, learners are encouraged to compare themselves to professional footballers who have moved to the UK to play. They will be asked to visualise a successful future-self living and prospering in the UK or another English speaking country.



Football is probably the most popular sport in the world so the subject matter is motivating.




60 minutes


To help students develop a positive self-concept / improve student motivation

  • The tasks - the activities are designed to offer variety which should maintain the strength of the learners’ desire throughout the lesson and the final activity focuses on fluency which can give learners a sense of progress.



Language Level


Submitted by katysimpsondavies on Wed, 06/25/2014 - 10:09


In case anyone is looking for the specific area of the Premier Skills website with the interviews, this is the link: Maybe I missed something in the plan, but the link just took me to the homepage and I did a bit of hunting around to find the video. Looking forward to using the lesson later! Thanks very much :)

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