How do you use flashcards in your class? Watch Vikki, and then let us know how you use them by leaving a comment below. Remember to check out our flashcard maker too!

If you like the song at the end, have a look at LearnEnglish Kids.



I use flashcards a lot with my young learners and they love them! I
usually present the vocabulary by showing them the flashcard, repeating the word in different tones (loud, whisper, singing) and we describe the picture (colour, size, shape,...). Then comes the best, as students love touching the flashcards, we play different games with them, like hide and seek, cathegorizing in groups (colour, shape, parts of different rooms, to use at school, in the playground, ...).
Flashcards are great because we can use them to plan different activities for different learning style's learners.


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