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If you like the song at the end, have a look at LearnEnglish Kids.



Thank you, for showing us a new and exciting lesson that we all can use in our class with our young learners.

Thank you Vikki, I will certainly use this lesson and now have several other ideas for future lessons. One point, could someone please tell me what Vikki says when she talks about the book and points. I can't quite catch the words.  Could I also ask where the book came from and how it's used.
Thanks again

Thank you very much for lesson. It was interesting for me. I will use it.

Thanks a lot, Vikki, for the valuable lesson and the nice song "Going to the zoo" I like it very much. Could you please provide us with more. Thanks once again.

Thanks, flash-cards are useful for me, I'm teaching english in an Infant school. I'm from Spain.


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