"Finished, teacher!" What to do with fast finishers in the Young Learner classroom

Watch a recording of this webinar with Laura McWilliams, looking at how to manage classes where students finish activities at different speeds.

About the webinar

We all know how challenging it can be when one or two learners have raced through your carefully planned activity at top speed and yell out that they’ve finished while the rest of the class are still only on question 4!

In this webinar, Laura McWilliams considers and discusses how to take a principled approach that manages this common classroom situation for the benefit of all learners – those who have finished, as well as those still working – and then looks at a variety of practical strategies for different life stages. The session includes a range of ideas they can implement with their own classes.

Recorded on 7 April 2022

About the speaker

Laura McWilliams works as an Academic Manager for the British Council France, where she manages the Secondary programme. She has previously worked in the United Kingdom and Egypt. She is a Cambridge DELTA holder, a TYLEC tutor, and has presented at numerous international conferences. She also volunteers on the IATEFL YLTSIG committee to support the global YL ELT community. She is an avid reader, and her background also includes professional theatre. She loves to bring both of these aspects into her classroom for their powerful impact on the learner.




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