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Below you can find a range of practical and engaging posts written by our TeachingEnglish bloggers between January and March 2021. Topics covered include:

  • Planning an online lesson
  • Incorporating global issues into language teaching
  • How teaching and learning may change in the 'new normal'
  • Quick and effective five-minute activities

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Three great no-prep 'filler' ideas | Jo Gakonga

One of the things that novice teachers struggle with is timing. I’m often asked ‘How do you make your lessons finish exactly on time?’. The key, of course, is not in knowing exactly how long everything will take when you are planning – no one can know this – but in keeping an eye on the time as you go along and having a couple of activities up your sleeve to usefully fill up a few spare minutes at the end of class…and I DON’T mean playing Hangman! Read more

A five-minute primary game where everyone’s a winner | Katherine Bilsborough

The attention span of a primary-aged learner is short, so it’s always a good idea to have a couple of five-minute activities up your sleeve that you can pull out at intervals during the lesson. Use them to break up a longer task or to change the pace between activities. This is one of my favourite, tried-and-tested activities that never fails. Not only is it a perfect way to recycle vocabulary, it’s also a great opportunity to reward children’s efforts so that every single child is a winner. Read more

Restarting, Coming Soon! | ozguozturk

When we return to school, there will be lots of things I think I will do differently. Parents and teachers had a difficult year in 2020, but students had a particularly difficult year. They worked hard to adapt to the digital school environment, which required them to change their lifestyles and habits. However, the time to return to school is approaching. Many countries have already started physical classes. So, what can we do to ensure a smooth transition after a year and a positive environment in our classrooms? In this blog post, I'll offer some advice on the topic. Read more

More posts by ozguozturk: Global Issues in ELT Class , Sample starters full of joy

Change the pace of your lessons in 5 minutes | YesimKilic

When writing lesson plans, we need to consider a lot of things such as objectives, needs of our students and materials. In addition to these key elements, a well-staged lesson plan needs to include warmers to bring students into the topic and fillers in case you find yourself a few minute short at the end of the lesson. So, this post is for the teachers who need 5-minute activities to integrate into their lesson plans. Read more

Setting up a Classroom or Teacher Training on an LMS - Edmodo & Class Dojo | Milica Vukadin

Even though emergency remote teaching offers no time for conducting teacher professional development without pressure, that does not mean that you cannot still develop your online classroom flow in a matter of days. Everything can be achieved with the effective use of proper tools, even if you are not very tech-savvy and even if you live on another continent. The most important step is to use a proper combination of tools so that you do not develop a broken distance classroom. A broken or incomplete distance learning classroom is a classroom that is not effective because important aspects are missing. Read more

Important checklist for online lesson plan | S.asma

Teaching and Learning principles remain the same, whether it is online or in-person; however, remote teaching requires extra skills such as: digital literacy, technical requirements, online lesson planning, motivation, empathy and repetitive communication for the effective teaching and learning. Read more

More posts by S.asma: Post Covid-19: Teaching Adaptations 

Planning an Online Lesson | NinaMK

I have been writing e-lessons for English-to-Go and many other virtual and paper publications since the 1990’s. The past year has shown me as a teacher trainer/instructor/author that today’s online teaching and learning are vastly different from everything I knew previously. I summarized the questions and requests from my colleagues to the best of my abilities, added my own recent experiences with webinars and conferences both as participant and coordinator. Here they come. Read more

More posts by NinaMK: Quick Effective Activities, The New Normal, Global issues

Six golden rules for successfully surviving an online lesson | Ingrid Mosquera

Teaching online is completely different from teaching face to face, isn't it? Let's find out! If you have found yourself abruptly transported to an online educational context, I would like to give you some free tips from my own ten-year experience as an online University teacher. Read more

My fantastic five minute activities | S.Akilandeswari

I like to call them 5 minute activities -  they are small, fast, interesting and exciting to get your students’ attention and focus instantly. These 5 minutes will make your students ask for more - seize just 5 minutes to make the most of every class. Read more


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