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Featured blog of the month for November 2018

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Our featured blog of the month award for November 2018 goes to ELT-Cation and their post One sentence games.


In this post, ELT-Cation shares suggestions for games and activities that begin with just one sentence, but generate hours of language learning:

Shortlisted posts

Steve Smith | The age factor in language learning. In this fascinating blog post, Steve Smith takes a hard look at whether it’s true that children are really better language learners than adults

Clare Voke English for Asia blog | Five 21st Century Skills TEFL Teachers can no longer ignore. Clare Voke from English for Asia looks at ways we can help students develop the skills they need to survive in the 21st century.

Cristina Cabal | Cloze Test Activity, Blog de Cristina’s Style. Cristina Cabal describes here how to create your own customised gap fill activities and turn them into a game for your students!