Our featured blog of the month award for May 2016 goes to ELT-Connect and their post Self-study tips for students


This post gives useful tips to give your students or hang up on your classroom noticeboard to help them self-study and take charge of their own learning outside of the classroom!

This month's shortlist has some great posts about developing revision strategies, using board games to practise grammar and vocabulary, including the right ingredients in lesson plans, four websites for online dictation, a video lesson about the consequences of illiteracy and tips for learning strategies.


  • Nick MichelioudakisVocabulary revision strategies. Do your students revise the vocabulary you present in class? Do they really know how best to do it? Nick Michelioudakis looks at how we can help them develop their revision strategies.
  • Mike AstburyAdapting 'roll and move' games. Great ideas from Mike Astbury on how you can use board games as an interactive and fun way of practising grammar and new vocabulary.
  • Peter Pun - 12 tiny tips for writing lesson plans. Helpful advice from Peter Pun on including the right ingredients in our lesson plans.
  • Cristina CabalFour excellent sites for online dictation. Do you see dictations as a thing of the past? According to Cristina Cabal, they still deserve a place in the twenty-first century classroom. Here she shares four excellent online sites to help you revitalise them.
  • Film EnglishThe alphabet of illiteracy. What are the consequences of illiteracy? That’s the question that Film English poses for students to discuss in this lesson plan based on a very powerful animated video.
  • Steve Smith and Gianfranco ContiLearning strategies (3). Steve and Gianfranco look at how we can help students with learning strategies in teaching listening and reading.

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