Our featured blog of the month award for March 2016 goes to Chia Suan Chong and her post 5 reasons why native speakers need to learn to speak English internationally

Do native English speakers need language training in order to communicate successfully in an international context in their own native tongue? This is the interesting question that Chia Suan Chong raises in her blog post.

As well as reading the post, you can watch an interview with Chia from IATEFL here, where she talks about some of the controversy it caused.

This month's shortlist has some great posts on a variety of topics, including how to use collaboration to create a class story, a list of websites offering video content for students, developing habits to create an effective learning environment, alternative ways to introduce your lesson and strategies to encourage student speaking.




Could you give us an idea of the context where you have seen this abbreviation? There are lots of abbreviations in the world of English teaching!


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