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Fashion statements

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This is a staged discussion activity which focuses on students' personal opinions of style and fashion.

Jo Budden

This activity was originally published as part of a lesson plan on individual style.


  • Before doing this activity, give your students some statements on the board and ask them if they agree or disagree.
  • Here are some example statements you can use:
    Work in pairs and discuss whether you agree or disagree with these statements.
    • What you wear says a lot about your personality.
    • I spend a lot of time getting dressed in the morning.
    • I love buying new clothes.
    • I really don't care about what I wear.
    • Comfort is the most important thing when choosing new clothes or shoes.
    • I hate having the same clothes as my friends.
    • It's important to me to look different to my friends.
    • I love fashion magazines.
    • It's important for me to be fashionable.
    • Second hand clothes can be cool.
  • Then ask them how much they agree or disagree with it. Draw a line on the board like this and fill in the space along the line with other expressions to express degrees of agreement.
  • In the middle you can have ‘neither agree, nor disagree' etc.

Totally disagree -------------------------------------------------- Completely agree

  • Then put students in pairs or small groups to discuss to what extent they agree with the statements.
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