Farming and the environment

Use this lesson with adult learners to discuss the links between farming and the climate crisis.

The Climate Action in Language Education series

This lesson is part of our series of 'Climate Action in Language Education' teaching materials. There are twelve lesson plans in the series, available for teachers of primary, secondary and adult learners of English. See the full list of lesson plans in this series.

About this lesson plan

This lesson looks at how farming can damage the environment, but also how climate change can make farming difficult. Students will be discussing farming and the environment from different perspectives, and some groups will present their ideas to the whole class..

The lesson plan and student materials have been designed to be used in either face-to-face classrooms or remote teaching contexts.


  • To make an argument from a perspective they may not agree with
  • To participate in a discussion where agreement needs to be reached
  • To understand and use key vocabulary around environmental issues

Age and level:

Adult learners at upper-intermediate level (CEFR B2)


60 minutes approximately


The materials can be downloaded below in PDF format.

  • Lesson plan for remote teaching contexts
  • Lesson plan for face-to-face classroom teaching
  • Remote teaching class presentation
  • Student worksheets

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