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English reconceived - Raising teacher awareness of English as a plurilithic resource through an online course

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This report raises awareness of the ‘plurilithic’ nature of English.

This report describes an online course, Changing Englishes. The course enables teachers to value the diversity of individually and locally appropriate learning objectives and outcomes, and promotes the development and sharing of pedagogical strategies which respond to the global realities of the language. Find out more about the Changing Englishes course, updated in 2020.

The report describes qualitative research conducted with teachers in China and Gaza to investigate teachers’ conceptions of English, explaining how this motivated course content and design. The results of trialling the course are also explored. Findings suggest that users constructively engaged with the content and, for some, it generated transformative experiences which have the potential to provoke enduring shifts in their conceptions and their approach to professional practice and professional development.

This publication is available to download below.