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English Language Teaching in Nepal: Research, Reflection and Practice

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This book brings an international and national perspective to English language teaching and learning in Nepal.

Edited by David Hayes, this book aims to bring together research data and evidence on different areas of ELT:

  • English as a medium of instruction 
  • Assessment
  • Teacher training and action research for teacher improvement.

This volume of research papers is divided into three sections. In the first section, action research and teacher improvement, English as a medium of instruction and examinations are considered from an international perspective which then draws lessons from international experience to consider in Nepal.

The second section reports on three research studies sponsored by the British Council in the areas of English as an MOI, the links between achievement and resourcing in community (government) schools, and the impact of the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) on teaching and student motivation to learn English.

The third section comprises eight case studies which focus on reflective writing in secondary schools, practical facets of teaching and learning with English as an MOI, characteristics of teachers of English, teaching in under-resourced environments and a large-scale in-service teacher training project.