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English in higher education - English medium

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This report is formed of two parts: part one, a literature review and part two, a perspective on research on English-medium (EM) education in higher education (HE).

Part 1: literature review

It is written and researched by a team of leading academics in the field of EM in HE and provides the evidence base for part two. The report examines research on:

  • defining EM
  • the growth and drivers for the growth of EM in HE
  • perceived benefits
  • approaches to implementation
  • challenges and successes of studying through English
  • quality assurance systems and frameworks for EM programmes
  • and support systems for students and content lecturers using EM.

The report highlights practical examples of EM policy and implementation and identifies gaps in EM in HE research.

Part 2: a British Council perspective 

It provides the British Council’s perspective on English-medium education in HE. The perspective is intended to guide, align and communicate the British Council’s approach to English-medium education in HE and provoke and facilitate further discussion about the role of English in HE. 

Watch the six-minute video summary of part one and download part one and part two in pdf format below.