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English across the fracture lines

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This volume takes stock of contexts in which English is being used and taught as a means of alleviating conflict.

The book provides new insights into the various communicative needs in such situations, and shows the impact and potential of programmes promoting English as a means of reconciliation, resilience, environmental sustainability and intercultural understanding. It offers a space for reflection on how English language teaching can nurture learners’ wellbeing by equipping them with a language in which not only injustice and pain are articulated and expressed to the wider international community, but also forgiveness and empathy. In addition, it provides recommendations for how all of us involved in the English language teaching (ELT) profession can facilitate making connections and promote participation in global dialogues through English, keeping hope alive in challenging times, promoting security, stability and peace.

You can watch a five-minute video outlining some of the findings and download the publication in a pdf format below.