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ELT masters courses in the UK: Student expectations and experiences

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This is a comprehensive overview of the range and type of Master’s courses in English language teaching in the UK.

It includes the modes, formats and components of courses, as well as identifying the target students for the various programmes.

The paper also looks at the key factors influencing students’ decisions to enrol on one of these programmes; their desires and expectations regarding their chosen programmes; and discusses how the programmes fulfil (or fail to fulfil) students’ desires and expectations.

The paper contains a master’s ELT audit document to assist prospective students to select appropriate courses, and provides essential information about the courses, such as their length, modules, approximate cost and entry requirements.

Authors: Fiona Copland, Vander Viana, David Bowker, Edward Moran, Ifigenia Papageorgiou and Marina Shapira

This publication is free to download in pdf format below.