This lesson plan for teachers of older teenagers and adults at level B2 explores the theme of electronic books. Students will focus on essay writing and blog comments. They will then have a discussion.


Are you for or against electronic books? In this lesson, students read about the advantages and disadvantages of electronic books. They look at language for essay writing and the informal language of blog comments. Students have ‘for or against’ discussions on various topics. They write a ‘for or against’ blog entry and respond to their classmates' writing with written comments.


Electronic books


Intermediate B1


60 minutes


  • To help students argue for and against ebooks and other topics
  • To develop students’ writing skills
  • To develop students’ reading skills
  • To develop students’ speaking and listening skills


Lesson plan: download

Worksheets: download

By Sally Trowbridge

The plans and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format - right click on the attachment and save it on your computer.

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Hi Antonia,
I agree with you. Do you know, why you disapprove of ebooks?
I really cannot explain my oppinion about this topic. With me it mainly seems to be an emotional thing. I just happen to like the feeling of a real book in my hands. I like to turn the paper pages forward and backward, sometimes stopping at an interesting paragraph, giving me new views and ideas or additional knowledge. In the end I might get stuck with reading on and on. Nevertheless, I have never regetted any time I have spent reading. So I do not at all mind the extra weight I possibly have to carry around with me.
Yours Martina

With all respect, if you compare how big is the environment's damage making ebooks instead regular books, maybe you are going to change your slant.Yours.. Professor Nava.

Nava you're right. In my viewpoint today the ereaders and others tools give us flexibility to read anywhere.  

I love ebooks, I can easily fing in my dictionary words to translate.

Ebooks are useful and a different and funny way to read or make other things but to read in a real book is the best and the traditional way to do it!

I own a Kindle and would never again switch to print books.Since I have it, I take it with me everywhere, because it is so light. I am german and study English. The most useful tool on my ebook reader is the dictionary, which makes it easy to look up words while reading, simply by moving the cursor to the unknown word. Before, I never had the patience to work with a print dictionary, not even to consider the immense weight, if you want to carry one with you. The magnetic technique with electronic ink allows one to read for hours and hours. It doesn't tire your eyes like screens. To the reader it looks like paper. I can take it out into the sun and have it with me, when I go the swimming pool. The battery works a month, at least, even with intensive reading. I got nearly all old literature for free. Marking words is no problem. Making notes is easy, too. These are all reasons for me, personally, to never again buy a printed book. Nevertheless, the most important argument which concerns all of us is the environmental factor. I would recommend the Kindle to everyone - whithout exception. Never again, would I buy a paper book, if I had the chance.Personally, I think print has had its time and there are better solutions to read nowadays. However, a few generations will stick to 'traditional' books in print format for emotional reasons or haptic preferences. But these people will, in my opinion, struggle to find reasonable arguments for printed documents.

Thank you Sally for this lovely lesson, I think I' going to use it  to teach my Ss how to write an argumentative essay.


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