This is a reading task on the theme of Easter in the UK. It helps students learn about how this time is celebrated in the UK and reflect on special occasions in their own culture.

Write the date of this year's Easter on the board and ask the learners if they know what special day it is. If not, tell them that it's Easter and ask them to brainstorm in groups what they know about Easter, either in the UK, in their own country (if applicable) or both. Then tell them that they are going to find out about Easter in the UK.

Give out the worksheet and ask the learners to quickly read the text and match the headings to the paragraphs.


A. Modern Easter in the UK
B. What it means
C. Chocolate eggs
D. A matter of taste?

Next ask the learners to read in more detail and answer the questions below the text. As they finish, they can compare their answers with a neighbour before checking as a class.


  1. a few months
  2. four days
  3. They celebrate life and rebirth.
  4. confectionery
  5. six to ten
  6. because of European Union law

You could then ask the learners to compare the text with the brainstorm they produced, and say what new information they found out.

Finally, you could follow up with:

  • a group or class discussion, for example: Would you like to spend Easter in the UK? Why/why not? Are there any special times of year in your country when you eat special sweets or chocolate?
  • groups producing posters or illustrated mind maps showing what they now know about Easter in the UK or comparing it with Easter (or another celebration) in their country
  • learners researching some facts about Easter (or another celebration) in their country and writing a similar article.
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