In this plenary talk, Duncan Foord speaks about improving the quality of teamwork in schools. 

Date: 8 October 2016

Link to the recorded talk:

The ideas in this talk can be applied in staff meetings, management meetings and any projects which involve a team working together. They will help your team to become more creative and to make better decisions.

Duncan looks at the following things:

  • Illustrating the dangers of “group think” .
  • Looking at other potential problems that teams face “war think” and “no think”
  • Reflecting on the type of thinking that happens in the team you work in
  • Learning how to create a more effective way of working; “team think”
  • Practising “team think” or “divergent thinking” using Edward De Bono’s 6 thinking hats

About the speaker

Duncan Foord is the Director of OxfordTEFL, Barcelona. He has 30 years experience in language teaching, teacher training and school leadership and management. He is the author of “From English Teacher to Learner Coach” (with Dan Barber, The Round 2014) The Developing Teacher (Delta Publishing, 2009) and The Language Teachers Survival Handbook with Lindsay Clandfield (Its Magazines, 2008).

He is lead trainer on the OxfordTEFL Leadership in ELT course (on line and face to face)

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