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Dreams and Realities: Developing Countries and the English Language

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Global demand for English is continuing to grow. 

Governments increasingly recognise the importance of English to their economies and societies, and individuals see English as a tool that can help them to fulfil their personal aspirations. However, there are complex issues and challenges associated with this scenario. This volume draws together a range of voices from around the world, addressing issues such as:

  • the perceptions of individuals and communities of the role and benefits of English
  • language policy and the introduction of effective change in education systems
  • the use of the mother tongue or English, as a medium of education
  • the role of 'local Englishes' and their use alongside global standard English
  • equity: the widening of access to English
  • the contribution of English to national and international development
  • the role and challenges of English in 'fragile' situations.

Edited by Hywel Coleman

You can download the papers individually below, or as the complete book.


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