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Diversity: How to handle students' background diversity

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Working in low-resource contexts, teachers research and share how to exploit the diverse backgrounds of students in a multicultural setting. 

In this video, Sagun Shrestha (Nepal) and Pankaj Dwivedi (India) talk about ways to handle the diverse backgrounds of students in a multicultural setting.

Creating student profiles to better understand and meet individual’s needs, in addition to encouragement and positive feedback, are two suggestions put forward to address this issue. As Sagun points out, instead of viewing diversity as a problem, a multicultural classroom offers opportunities to enrich learning.

Using tasks of mutual interest on topics of citizenship, equality and justice to promote mutual respect, students and teachers can learn from one another.  

Reflection and discussion

One of the purposes of these resources is to help you with your own teacher development in related contexts. The questions in task 1 and task 2 are designed for you to think about and discuss with colleagues, either informally or as part of your formal professional development.

How do you think creating student profiles could help you in addressing the individual needs of learners?

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